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>>>Does anyone know of a reference to the complete mitochondria lDNA
>>>sequence for the sheep?
>>>Jim Cummins                   
>>>School of Veterinary Studies
>>gb|J01394|BOVMT      Bovine mitochondrion, complete genome.  
>>gb|V00654|MIBTXX     Complete bovine mitochondrial genome.   
>>gb|X61145|MIBPCG     B.physalus mitochondrial DNA, complete genome.
>>gb|X63726|MIPVDNA    P.vitulina mitochondrial DNA, complete genome.
>>gb|J01415|HUMMTCG    Human mitochondrion, complete genome.
>Sorry if this is a silly question but a friend is interested
>in obtaining the Human Mitochondrion Genome.  What software/
>information server do you use to obtain this information?  
>Is there an FAQ on this somewhere?
>He would also be interested in obtaining information
>on or about mutations resulting in respiratory chain defects.
>Thanks in advance,
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	I strongly recommend that you get your friend a copy of

                A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources
                        Version 1.6, 23 August 1993
        Una Smith       Department of Biology   smith-una at
                        Yale University
                        New Haven, CT  06511  USA

	Here's the info on how to obtain this EXCELLENT document

-*- 1.2. How to Get Updates

    This guide is updated more-or-less monthly.  The most current version
    is available via Usenet, gopher, FTP and e-mail.  Please do not ask the
    author to send you a copy, nor refer others to the author.

    - In Usenet, look in or sci.answers.

    - Gopher to, and choose this sequence of menu items:

        Sunsite Archives

      Or, from any gopher offering other biology gophers by topic, look for
      the menu item "Ecology and Evolution [at UNC and Yale]".  The guide is
      stored there in two ways:  as a file for easy retrieval and as a menu
      for browsing.

    - FTP to  Give the username "anonymous" and your e-mail
      address as the password.  Use the "cd" command to go to the directory


      and use "get guide" to copy the file to your computer.  The file is
      actually stored as guide.Z, which is a compressed binary file, but if
      you specify "guide" it will be uncompressed and translated to readable
      ASCII before it is transfered to your computer.  You can also use
      anonymous FTP to, where this guide is stored as


    - Send e-mail to mail-server at with the text
      "send usenet/news.answers/biology/guide".  Because the guide is long,
      you will probably receive it in parts:  save each part separately,
      delete the e-mail headers, and merge them.

	As for the Human Mitochondrial Genome sequence, there are lots
of ways, through Gopher to John's Hopkins or IUBIO, via NCBI retrieve,
by using the fetch command from GCG if you have a local copy of the Genbank
and/or EMBL databases and GCG's programs installed, to name just a few.
In this instance, since I was one of the co-authors on this paper, I'll
e-mail you a copy of the sequence separately.

As for:

>He would also be interested in obtaining information
>on or about mutations resulting in respiratory chain defects.

Someone else will have to help you there.

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