Rh- factor

Wed Aug 17 13:49:06 EST 1994

This question can be answered fairly easily by checking the Online 
Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) database ; in this case, look
up entry 268150.  
Access to the database is available via gopher at gopher.gdb.org; WWW at 
http://gdbwww.gdb.org; or via IRx by obtaining an account for GDB/OMIM 
(contact help at gdb.org for an account to access data in this manner).

Greg Lennon
Human Genome Center
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore CA 94550

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> I am taking a WAG as to where to post this question - if you have any
> suggestions please email me (TIA).
> A medical doctor claims that two Rh+ parents (i.e. blood type) cannot have
> a Rh- child.  From the few sources I have been able to find that talk
> about this it seems this is false, though I would appreciate if one could
> either confirm this, or even better, let me know of a definite
> source on this issue that I could refer the doctor to.
> Glen

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