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James Tisdall tisdall at
Mon Feb 7 14:05:00 EST 1994

The internet service DNA WorkBench (software available for unix and mac
at ftp site

has a new, undocumented feature - the command

chromosome 22

searches GDB and GenBank for everything it can find on the human
chromosome named.  You can add an organism name such as

chromosome 4 rattus

This just searches in GenBank.   The results are quite good, but not
perfect - for 22 it has no false positives, but misses at least one.
Spot checks of other human chromosomes seem similar.

Only the version of the program just placed into the ftp site supports
this lookup.  Comments welcome - I'd like to improve it.

(A later post will present some interesting findings on the lack of
overlap between GDB and GenBank.)


James Tisdall
Departments of Genetics and Computer and Information Science
Computational Biology and Informatics Laboratory, Human Genome Project
University of Pennsylvania

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