Automated DNA Sequencing Core Lab

Lawrence Washington lwashing at
Thu Feb 17 10:56:51 EST 1994

	I gather that this is the chartered location for discussions on automated
DNA sequencing.  IÕm a total rookie in the field and would enjoy reading
other peopleÕs wisdom.  Maybe this will get something going.
	We are about to launch a DNA sequencing service at our small biotech core
lab and could use some advice from those of you who are experienced.  (Have
you ever been experienced?) This is strictly in-house for our biology
department (not a commercial endeavor).  We will be using an automated
fluorescent-based system (to be installed at the end of March) (_not_ the
brand you probably assume, but I expect they are all somewhat comparable). 
I have a couple of questions;
	1) How much to charge users?  The machine is paid for, but we need to
cover operating costs and pay a part time tech. (After a few months of
operation and careful record keeping we should have an idea, but where is a
good place to start?)
	2) We plan to have customers do their own sample preps (to keep our costs
down.)  Is that a mistake?  Are sample conditions so particular that we
should plan to handle that part ourselves?
	3) How long until you were up and running with the new system?

Thanks for your advice.

Lawrence Washington
Indiana Institute for
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Indiana University,Bloomington
lwashing at

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