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Mon Jan 10 17:56:07 EST 1994

In article <2grtau$62m at sugar.NeoSoft.COM> claird at sugar.NeoSoft.COM
	(Cameron Laird) writes:
>Does CEPH (Centre d'Etude du Polymorphism Humain) need some
>automation help?
>[...] I know how severely a journalistic filter can degrade
>technical information, and so on, but it *sounds* as though some-
>one doesn't know how to automate Internet ftp or mail services.
>Is there someone closer to the scene who knows more of the story?
>Heck, for the chance to help out the HUGE mappers, *I*'ll get on
>a plane to Paris to help set up their node ...

	>> Thank you very much for your help, but before to get a plane, just
	try to get files from :

   	 ftp anonymous :
         dir  pub/ceph-genethon-map
         or gopherize at
         -> Genethon Data
         -> Pmap
         or just click into your favorite mosaic client at :
  	 WWW :

        and read the current "policy".
	IMHO not really a computer related problem...

	and last but not least, for infos, requests, flames, etc
		mail ceph-genethon-map at
	most of the HUGE mappers staff read this.


Guy Vaysseix (CEPH/Genethon)

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