Questions about CEPH's map

Cameron Laird claird at sugar.NeoSoft.COM
Mon Jan 10 10:47:42 EST 1994

Does CEPH (Centre d'Etude du Polymorphism Humain) need some
automation help?  In

	Nowak, Rachel
	1993	"Draft Genome Map Debuts on Internet",
		Science, volume 262, page 1967 (24
		December 1993)

Daniel Cohen is quoted as having said, "We received 64 requests
for map information ...  We have a logistics problem that we did
not anticipate.  We have only one person at any one time sending
out [the files on Internet]."  What's up, here?  I know Cohen is
famous around the world, and can get close to whatever he re-
quests, I know how severely a journalistic filter can degrade
technical information, and so on, but it *sounds* as though some-
one doesn't know how to automate Internet ftp or mail services.
Is there someone closer to the scene who knows more of the story?
Heck, for the chance to help out the HUGE mappers, *I*'ll get on
a plane to Paris to help set up their node ...

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