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>It's been obvious from the start that the CEPH/Genethon people had a
>good Internet scheme going  -- access by all the favorite protocols.
>But what is the explanation for the Cohen quote in the Science article
>about "only 1 person sending out requests on the Internet"?  Was some
>important context lost?  Did Dr. Cohen mean that there was one person
>available for non-internet requests or for showing non-netliterate 
>biologists how to get the data?  The incongruence between that article
>and the excellent (and well net-publicized) net access has had me wondering
>for days.
>Hope someone can shed some light on this curious statement.
The incongruity of that quote was indeed what initiated this thread.
I don't have a definitive answer, but, as was recently posted in

#We have received a number of inquiries about the availability of the
#CEPH-Genethon data.  The following message, dated mid December,
#was taken directly from the Genethon Gopher.  It explains CEPH's plans
#for releasing the information for the different level maps.  Dr. Cohen
#recently confirmed that all of the data will be available by anonymous
#FTP on the schedule given.
#Jane Peterson
#          "As mentioned in the Nature publication (A first generation
#          physical map of the the human genome, December 16 1993),
#          routes will be submitted to exhaustive verification and will
#          be available by anonymous ftp as soon as they are checked.
#          This checking process will last approximately two months.
#          However, level 1-2 routes are already available by anonymous
#          ftp. Investigators interested in level 3-7 routes that have
#          not been checked yet can obtain them by electromic mail
#          requests addressed to CEPH-genethon-map at or by
#          fax.  This personal request procedure could delay the access
#          to these routes due to logistic problems that will be solved
#          within a few weeks. But even if the number of requests is
#          high, this delay will not exceed a few days for any request.
#          Based on an unfortunate experience on chromosome 21, we
#          consider now that the personal request procedure is the best
#          way to keep contact with the potential users of this map. 
#          Indeed, this will allow us to be informed on the progress in
#          checking validity of the routes and also to understand any
#          problem in using these data."

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