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> >I'm sorry if this is not the proper group to post this, but
> >I don't know where else to ask.
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> >Knowing that women provides a Y chromosome (correct me if I'm wrong)
> *
> * most human females are XX, so would provide a single X chromosome
> *
> >and the male the X or the Y (correct me if I'm wrong) does the
> >male spermatocyte has X and Y or Only one (X or Y) before penetrates
> >the egg.
> *
> * again most human males are XY and therefore most sperm have a single
> * X or a single Y chromosome.
> *
> >
> >In other words does the spermatocyte has X or Y or both?
> >How is the sex determined?
> >
> *
> * Generally speaking an XX individual is female and an XY individual is male
> * things are a touch more complicated than this, you should ask someone who
> * knows rather more than I do if you are interested.
> *####there is a specific gene(s) on the Y chrom. loosely refered to as the sex determination gene that I belive has not been identified though is has been assigned to a narrow window (my info. also is prob. outdated).
> * Occasionally things do go wrong and people end up with exotic sex chromosomes
> * For example about 1/1000 males are XXY and a similar numer XYY. Similarly
> * the same proportion of women are XXX and about 1/10,000 women have Turner's
> * syndrome (a single X chromosome).
> *##### there are also cases where GENOTYPIC males (XY) are PHENOTYPIC females (they look female) due to things like mutation in the androgen receptor gene (androgen being a key player as far as hormomes go in maleness). This condition is known as testicular feminization. These individuals are sterile.
> * I believe that the fact that X sperm and Y sperm are not identical has been
> * used as a method of biasing conception in favour of a sex determined by the
> * parents.
> *####this technique is based upon the different densities of sperm (or other cells) and uses centrifugation to seperate cell type (those w/X and those w/Y). This is termed flow cytometry.
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