Beefalo and Sturgeon

stephen hedman grad at
Fri Jan 28 16:33:09 EST 1994

I am embarking upon two rather interesting projects and would like to
benefit from the expertise and/or experience of people in this group.  I
will soon be presented with some tissue samples from beefalo (also
called cattalo in Canada) upon which to do some cytogenetic work.
Beefalo (cattalo) are hybrids between male beef cows and female buffalo
(bison).  One of my intents is to follow the inheritance of both cow and
buffalo chromosomes during subsequent inbreeding of the hybrids.

The other project involves the freshwater sturgeon (species:
fulvescens).  Although I have had a fair amount of experience with fish
cytogenetics, I have never worked with sturgeons.  I am assuming that
cell culture techniques and restriction methods appropriate for other
fish species would also work with sturgeons.

I will appreciate any and all comments about either of these two


Steve Hedman
Biology and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
University of Minnesota
Duluth, Minnesota 55812
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