Search for a human 1q

Diane L Maresco dmaresco at
Tue Mar 8 15:16:50 EST 1994

I am in great need of a cell line that contains the 1q21 band of humans but not
the 1p12 band. I am mapping a family of genes so similiar that there are no
gene specific probes to distinguish them, larger than an oligo.  FISH analysis
has shown that the genes are present on the bands 1q21 and 1p12.  In order to
determine which genes are at each of these locuses I have tried to aquire
Hamster-Rodent hybrids containing either the p or q arm of chromosome 1.  I was
able to gather 3 hybrids containg 1p but so far none that contain 1q, so at
this point I can only tell half the story.

If you can help me aquire such a cell line or know of someone who can please
let me know.


Diane Maresco
Ohio State University

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