achondroplasia gene localization on chromosome 4p

diaspro at diaspro at
Wed Mar 30 07:34:11 EST 1994

 Dear colleagues,
i have read on Nature genetics volume 6 march 1994, by Le merrer et
al. and byVelinov et al. two works on the localization of the
gene of achondroplasia on chromosome 4p.
I am an electronic engineer and i am involved in biopohysical
reasearches, especially optical methods and microscopic
techniques. My sister is affected  by ACH and i would be ionterested
in information about family studies and about the possibility
of conducting researchjes by means of FLUORESCENCE IN SITU
Thank you very muvch for your attention to this unusual letter.
My Institutional address for mailing is
Inst. Biophysics
Universit7y of Genova
Via Giotto, 2
16153 Genova - Italy
Sincerely yours
Alberto Diaspro

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