achondroplasia gene localization on chromosome 4p

A. Jamie Cuticchia jamie at GDB.ORG
Wed Mar 30 13:09:55 EST 1994

>  Dear colleagues,
> i have read on Nature genetics volume 6 march 1994, by Le merrer et
> al. and byVelinov et al. two works on the localization of the
> gene of achondroplasia on chromosome 4p.
> I am an electronic engineer and i am involved in biopohysical
> reasearches, especially optical methods and microscopic
> techniques. My sister is affected  by ACH and i would be ionterested
> in information about family studies and about the possibility
> of conducting researchjes by means of FLUORESCENCE IN SITU
> HYBRIDIZATION technoique.
> Thank you very muvch for your attention to this unusual letter.
> My Institutional address for mailing is
> Alberto DIASPRO
> Inst. Biophysics
> Universit7y of Genova
> Via Giotto, 2
> 16153 Genova - Italy
> Sincerely yours
> Alberto Diaspro

Attached is the entry for ACH from the Online Version of Victor McKusick's 
Mendelian Inheritance in Man.  Hopefully it will provide some useful 

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