sequence polymorphisms

Tom Keller Tom_Keller at GENE.BIOTECH.WISC.EDU
Wed Nov 2 16:38:39 EST 1994

                       Subject:                               Time:4:28 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          sequence polymorphisms                 Date:11/2/94
I have been receiving more and more PCR products for automated sequencing and
having to explain to clients why, though they see only a single band on a gel,
the probable explaination for the large number of uncalled positions in their
sequence is that they actually amplified a family of similar sized DNA
fragments having conserved sequence on the ends but varying internally. The
amplification of the multicopy rRNA genes would seem to be an example. Yet, I
see reports of people suppposedly doing direct sequencing of these types of
samples. Am I missin somethin? Does any one else have experience with this type
of sequence sample, i.e. direct sequencing of PCR products of genomic DNA of
multicopy or at least heterozygous DNA?

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