Richard James r.james at
Mon Nov 7 11:09:13 EST 1994

> It has been suggested that ALF is better than the ABI system but
> I don't know.
> I can very accuratly and very very reliably detect a single copy from a single cell.
> I can also multiplex upto 8 primer sets within a single cell. Both of
> these are using the ABI system
> Would the ALF system be any better.
My comment is that both ALF and ABI machines will do most sequencing
The ABI machine may be better for large scale sequencing labs,
but in my experience is harder to use.

The ALF is ideal for a multi-user facility where end-users do
their own sequencing. It is very easy to train new users and is an ideal machine for small labs.

Incidently, I also hate the "we are number 1 attitude of the ABI company". Our previous dealings with ABI have not impressed us
too much.

I hope that this is of interest.


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