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> Greetings!
> Has anyone experienced any problems with ABI 373A's which have
> been modified to the "Stretch" configuration?  This would include
> instruments which were modified in the field, as well as those
> which shipped from factory.
> Specifically, we're interested in:
> 1) gels which run much faster (e.g. 20-24 watts necessary to keep
> spacing between 9 and 12), and
> 2) an olize green haze on the gel file, with several thick vertical
> blue streaks.
> We've seen these problems on a few of our instruments, as have several
> other labs both here at Wash. U. and across the country.  We're currently
> in the process of trying to pin down the reasons for these problems, so
> any information you have will be helpful.
> Also, has anyone experienced increased breakage with recently purchased/
> received glass plates?
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> Rick
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I don't have a stretch get but I recently go a green haze when my laser
was about to give up and also when, after a service, the carriage had
not been reset properly so the laser was scanning closer to the gel on
one side than the other.


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