Chromosome number in *Haliotis* sp.

Daniel Geiger dgeiger at
Tue Nov 15 14:15:55 EST 1994

I am looking for information on chromosome number (haploid or diploid) in the
genus *Haliotis* (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Prosobranchia, Archaeogastropoda,
Haliotidae). I am aware of the followint publications:
Colombera & Tagliaferri, 1983; Arai & Wilkins, 1986; Nakamura, 1985, 1986;
Arai et al., 1982, 1988; Minkler, 1977.

These publications deal with H. tuberculata, lamellosa diversicolor aquatilis
diversicolor, exigua, planata = grayana, varia?, cracherodii, discus hannai,
discus discus, gigantea. Does anyone know of any other publications or data
of other species? I would appreciate a note.

regards		Daniel Geiger (dgeiger at

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