DNA sequencers Purchase

Richard James r.james at uea.ac.uk
Mon Nov 21 05:31:13 EST 1994

> 	We are considering purchasing a DNA sequencer for our core facility.
> We do not need a very high throughput machine but are looking for an instrument that is easy to operate, reliable, truely automated and can be used for SSCP analysis.
> 	We are considering the Alf and the ABI primarily but are also looking at Molecular dynamics. Does anyone have any thoughts on this topic? Is the ALF machine reliable? How is the software for the ALF system?
> Dave
> w
>We have two ALF machines which we use intensively for DNA sequencing.
 We have not used them for any SSCP work so I cannot comment on this.
We find the ALF easy to use, reliable and capable of being operated 
as a multi-user facility rather than as a service. The software for
DNA sequencing is excellent and the Fragment Manager software looks
to have great potential for the analysis of PCR products.


Richard James

Sequence facility manager

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