Need Genetic Patent Info.

Wed Aug 9 13:59:00 EST 1995

I am currently writting a research paper that pertains to genetic
patents; patents on sequeunced and unsequenced genes along with broad
genetic patents.  I am looking for any information eg. articles or
refernces that could give me any information on genetic patents. 
Personal opinion sof qualified individuals (anyone besides myself)
would also be greatly appreciated.  In the article I plan on addressing
the positive and negative outcomes of patents in respect to the
following subjects: scientific advancement (or hold-up), economics, and
ethics eg. curing diseases vs. creating the perfect human.  I have
exhausted the libraries resources and I am hoping for some new
information or other references.

Thank you, (Enormously!)
Karen Walczak (Biochemistry and Biology Undergrad) 

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