Position available: Genotoxicology

Othmar J. Dill 100143.2047 at CompuServe.COM
Sun Aug 20 04:49:12 EST 1995

Position available: Genome - Toxicologist!

A German CRO is currently looking for a scientist, who is 
experienced in Gen-Toxicology and Mutations.
This includes the detection of chromosomal abnormalities like: 
chromosomal deletions, relocations, breaks a.s.o..
The candidate should have a working knowledge on cytogenetics and 
in mutation research to measure the effect of drugs and chemicals 
onto the genome of mammalian organisms. This will include 
detection of micronucleus formation and other in vitro 
The company is located in Northern Germany. An adequate salary 
will be negotiated.

Please contact for further informations:
medcon Kontraktlabor GmbH
Othmar J Dill, PH.D.
Suedkampen 31
29664 Walsrode
Tel.: +49 5166 590
Fax:  +49 5166 5026
e-mail: 100447.246 at compuserve.com

Othmar Dill

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