chromosome 11 map

Mark Perlin perlin+ at J.GP.CS.CMU.EDU
Mon Aug 28 10:50:53 EST 1995

(1) An excellent map of chromosome 11 markers (including > 100 highly
polymorphic STRs) was described in:

James, M.R., Richard III, C.W., Schott, J.-J., Yousry, C., Clark, K., Bell,
J., Hazan, J., Dubay, C., Vignal, A., Agrapart, M., Imai, T., Nakamura, Y.,
Polymeropoulos, M., Weissenbach, J., Cox, D.R., and Lathrop, G.M. (1994). A
radiation hybrid map of 506 STS markers spanning human chromosome 11. Nature
Genetics, 8(1): 70-76.

and is available electronically via: :: pub/genetics/rh11

(2) A physical map of nonchimeric clones (350kb YACs) that is integrated with
Michael James' radiation hybrid map is:  

Perlin, M.W., Duggan, D.J., Davis, K., Farr, J.E., Findler, R.B., Higgins,
M.J., Nowak, N.J., Evans, G.A., Qin, S., Zhang, J., Shows, T.B., James,
M.R., and Richard III, C.W. (1995). Rapid construction of integrated maps
using inner product mapping: YAC coverage of human chromosome 11. Genomics,
28(2): 315-327.

This map will soon be available via WWW and FTP.  Contact "perlin at"
for more information. 

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