Richard Kaplan kaplanr at clpgh.org
Tue Aug 29 05:20:38 EST 1995

I am trying a stab in the dark here as well as some other sites.  I have a two
year old son with microcephaly and global developmental delays; he's probably
60-70% delayed with no medical problems. My wife and I are trying to determine
if there is research going on concerning microcephaly, beyond its relationship
to mental retardation.  Our son for all intents and purposes is retarded, but
ther is no name or ailment that he has.  He's had two chromosomal analysis
done, including one for fragile-x and they've come back negative.  Any help,
suggestions, or names would be helpful.  Thanks for your time.

				Richard Kaplan	
				kaplanr at clpgh.org

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