Mini-preps for fluorescent sequencing of low copy plasmids

rifat_h rifat_h at
Wed Aug 30 16:36:28 EST 1995


	I would be grateful if anyone could inform me if there is a way of carrying out
reliable mini template DNA preps for automated fluorescent sequencing of low copy plasmids.
I have tried Qiagen, Promega Wizard 373A and small scale Alkaline Lysis/PEG but with very
low success rate. If anyone has been using a reliable mini-prep method for low copy plasmid
sequencing, then I would appreciate it very much if he/she could contact me.

The above kits and the Alkaline lysis PEG work well with high copy plasmid but with low 
copy plasmid starting from 10ml culture and increasing Soln I, II and III does not seem
to make a difference towards the template prep.



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