visualization of newly divided neurons?

Brian Scott bscott at
Wed Dec 6 16:09:24 EST 1995


I'm trying to find out if there is a way of visually identifying living
cells which have recently divided in order to do electrophysiological
recording from them.  Specifically, I'd like to label neural progenitor
cells in the rat hippocampus postnatally and then wait until they've
differentiated and taken up their normal functional role.  Then I'd like to
do slice recording from these young cells.  I know of methods for
identifying these cells in fixed tissue (e.g. autoradiography and
bromodeoxyuridine immuno.) but is there a way of seeing these cells in
living tissue?  A fluorescent thymidine analogue which is taken up into
dividing cells and could be viewed a number of weeks later would be lovely!


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