Auto seq newsgroup

cain at cain at
Sun Feb 5 14:06:59 EST 1995

Dear Autosequencers ,

	A new newsgroup has been set up for the dedicated discussion of automated 
DNA sequencing , encompassing both the ABI and Pharmacia ALF as well as template 
preperations and different chemistrys. If you would like to join please send an 
email to either myself or use the following instructions for automatic 
subscription :

to subscribe email mailbase at with no subject and as the body of the 
message :

subscribe automated-dna-sequencing <firstname> <lastname>

Any title should be placed before the fistname .

	I look forward to speaking to you all , if there are any problems or 
questions please do not hesitate to email me on cain at .

	Sincerely ,

	David Cain

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