DNA cloning and animal cloning...

Tue Jan 10 11:58:11 EST 1995

> I am a relative amateur when it comes to the field of Biology, but I
> have become somewhat interested in the genetic side.  After having some
> courses in Biology, I am aware that it is possible to reproduce DNA
> material.  
> However, I was wondering if someone could enlighten me on the progress
> of the cloning of animals, specifically median mammals such as dogs.  

At present they are unable to clone mammals. There were some 
experiments involving frog's cell nuclei from a frog's intestinal 
cells. The nuclei were taken from the intestinal cells and inserted 
into frog egg cells that had had their nuclei destroyed. 1 percent of 
the eggs produced live frogs which were genetically identical. I 
think similar experiments were also done on other amphibians. So 
far as I know this has not been done successfully with mammals. 

You can produce genetically identical animals by taking a Zygote when 
it is in the 4 cell stage and separating the cells from each other and
transplanting them into different parents. Each of the cells will give
rise to a whole new animal and each of the 4 animals produced will be 
identical to the other 3. I believe this procedure is regularly done
on cows. I don't think it has been done on dogs though.    

Sorry about the second post but my last post seemed like it might be 
a little hard to read so I reworded it a bit. 

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