??? Genetic Engineer Career ???

Mickey Smith mickey at netcom.com
Sun Jan 15 14:54:28 EST 1995

I'm posting these question for my 14 year old nephew.  He is writing
a school report on genetic engineering as a career (I think that's 
what he want to do when he grows up).  Please post answers to me 

	mickey at netcom.com

1.  What education is necessary to become a genetic engineer?

2.  What are the earnings?  Beginning salary?  Lifetime?

3.  What are the working conditions?

4.  What are the opportunies for advancement?

5.  What are some of the disadvantages of this job?

6.  What are some advantages of becoming a genetic engineer?

7.  What are some hazards of altering the genes of a living thing?

8.  What living thing is the easiest genes to alter?

9.  What is the process?

10. In your opinion, how far away are we from altering the genetic
     codes of a fetus?

11. In your opinion, do you feel that we have the right to tamper 
    with the genetic codes of human beings?

Please include name and title with your response, he will need this
information for his report.

Thanks in Advance

Uncle Mickey

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