Pharmacia ALF problem

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Thu Jan 26 14:49:08 EST 1995

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> Has anybody had the same problem as me with their Pharmacia ALF sequencer?
> What has developed is that I am getting a very high peak of fluorescense
> (way off scale) passing through the gel just before the primer peak.
> Pre-running the gel appears to allow the contamination to pass through the
> gel before loading, but still leaves a residual background of around 45%.
> The fluorescense isn't noisy so doesn't affect the sequence (as far as I
> can tell anyway).
> I've stopped using our own RO water and just use Merck Analar stuff
> without getting rid of the problem. Swapping detergents doesn't seem to
> help either.
> Any suggestions 

Sorry, I have no suggestions.  But I am curious about something.  How did
Pharmacia tech support respond when you asked them about this?  I am just
wondering how they are to deal with in matters of trouble shooting.

Lawrence Washington
Indiana University
Institute for Molecular
 and Cellular Biology

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