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On 26 Jan 1995 goldman%bchem.dnet at DXI.NIH.GOV wrote:

> Have tried pfu in straight pcr. it is a very unreliable and fussy enzyme, 
> but has the advantage of NO 3' transferase activity, and 3'-5' nuclease 
> activity for error correction. If you spike Taq with 1/100 pfu you keep the 
> high 'processiveness' of Taq and gain the editing function of pfu. 
Would someone explain the kinetics of this to me. Surely you would need 
more than 1/100 (are we talking units here) in order to ensure taq wasn't 
proceding too far after an error before there was a chance of pfu getting 
on to proofread, or am I missing something (again).


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