Genetics/Blood Type

Helene Klapper hk-miami at
Sun Jul 9 16:55:08 EST 1995

In <Pine.A32.3.91.950708175432.41450A-100000 at neptune>
gabashvi at (Irene Gabashvili) writes: 
>From one of the last msgs posted to CHROMOSOMES group:
>> My daughter-in-law has AB Pos blood ... 
>> Her mother is B neg and her father was O Pos...
>Sorry to be so sucpicious.
>Is it possible?
>B group means BB or BO genotype whereas only OO genotype
>can give O group (according to all Biology textbooks)
>Children of B neg and O pos can have only B (BO) or O
>group (both pos or neg).  
>Would be glad if somebody prove that I am mistaken.
>Irene Gabashvili
You're absolutely correct - I suppose someone's been lying to the poor
girl about who her father is...

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