WARNING (Was: Genetics/Blood Type)

Dr David E Barton dbarton at acer.gen.tcd.ie
Wed Jul 12 06:10:14 EST 1995

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>Dear users of this newsgroup,
>    1) I know you are only trying to do good
>    2) I am not trying to start a flame war
>    3) and who am I to tell you how to behave anyway?
>... but if I might make a suggestion anyway...
>I have been reading this newsgroup for several years, and every so
>some layperson writes in to find out more about a medical problem they 
>have, or which affects someone they know.The first message in this thread 
>is a prime example. Please PLEASE be careful how you answer! If you are 
>not a qualified medic, or qualified in patient counselling and are 
>prepared to continue to support them after you casually drop some 
>bombshell into their lives, do not answer them! 

 I couldn't agree more. I reply to such queries by e-mail, giving the "patient"
 details of their nearest medical genetics centre (from the ASHG directory),
 AND advising them to ignore any medical advice they get direct over the
 It's often difficult to resist giving people advice when the question SEEMS
 straightforward, but resist we must!


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