Genetic Engineering...

Nick Giannoukakis b2d6 at
Sun Jul 16 07:29:06 EST 1995

Hello Benjamin,

As Graham said, genetic engineering is being used in agriculture to improve the yield and robustness of
tomatoes, as well as their resistance against certain parasites. 
Recently, the US government has approved the release of modified microorganisms that can convert
pollutants into harmless substances. These microorganisms glow when active, so it is not hard to track
them down as they do their work.
Detergents: A modified subtilisin gene is being used in certain laundry detergents.
And, of course, gene therapy, which promises (once the targeting systems have been optimised) to
replace nonfunctioning genes, causing disease, with the normal version.
That's all I can think of offhand.........


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