YAC BAC probes

Simon Mercer mercer
Thu Jul 20 07:27:12 EST 1995

m.rocchi at area.ba.cnr.it (ROCCHI) wrote:
>I am interested in listing any Internet site from which you can get data on
>physical mapping (FISH in particular)  of YAC, BAC, or cosmid probes that
>could be useful in molecular cytogenetics.
>Dr. Mariano Rocchi
>Ist. Genetica
>Via Amendola 165/A
>70126 Bari - Italy
>tl  +39-80-544.3371
>fax +39-80-544.3386
>m.rocchi at area.ba.cnr.it (new!)

Try the Reference Library Database, which distributes genomic library
filters and clones (YACs PACs cosmids, etc) for a number of species.

http://gea.lif.icnet.uk/   on the Worldwide Web


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