Seed formation in an intergeneric rice hybrid

Lynn S Dahleen dahleen at
Thu Jul 27 12:53:46 EST 1995

We've had a similar problem getting backcross seed from wide hybrid 
plants.  We now spray our crosses with a dilute giberellin solution to 
get seed set.  We usually spray 24 hours after pollination.  If you need 
more information, e-mail me.
Lynn Dahleen
dahleen at

Robert Nagy (Kreblon at wrote:
: Dear colleagues: 

: In the last Annual Conference of the Bangladesh Association for Plant Tissue Culture  (BAPTC) held in Dhaka in
: April last, a paper  was presented reporting for the first time a hybrid at the tetraploid level in the combination,
: colchicine-induced tetraploid rice, c-4x Oryza sativa (2n=4x=48) x a natural tetraploid, Porteresia coarctata
: (2n+48), which grows wild in the coastal areas of the Indian subcontinent. The author said that in spite of a 
: large number of backcrosses to either of the parents and self-pollination, not a single seed was formed. Surprisingly,
: Pollen stainability was better and there was less variation in the size of pollen compared to those of the
: c-4x O. sativa.
: 	Could anyone please suggest of any modern technique which will promote the setting of seeds because
: if the researcher obtains one viable seed, it will open an unlimited possibility of creating rice varieties suitable for
: growing in the saline coastal soil where no food crops grows at present.

: 	I shall very much appreciate receiving a reply which I would like to communicate to the researcher who
: does not have facility to an internet connection. Thanks again.

: Sincerely,
: Ahmad Islam

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