Is there a Karyotype Parser available?

David Adler dadler at
Mon Jul 31 15:56:14 EST 1995

In article <1995Jul21.074607.1 at crs>, Karen Silverstein writes:
> Has anyone developed  grammar or parser software for parsing karyotype
> reports?

I and others here at the University of Washington have worked on an ISCN  
parser to allow automated drawings of idiographic karyotypes - useful for  
clinical reports, genetic counseling and training. Without funding  
lubrication the project moves rather slowly ;(

I know that Jan Friedman up in Vancouver, B.C. built a parser used for  
creating a cytogenetic case registry:

Friedman-J-M.  Smith-J-P.  Lerner-B-N.  Helgeson-J-S. Howard-Peebles-P-N.   
Mize-C-E.  Mize-S-G.  Singleton-W-L. Smith-M-E.
ReCAP: the Registry of Cytogenetic Abnormalities and Phenylketonuria.
Am-J-Med-Genet.  1987 Jun.  27(2).  P 325-36.

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