cain at icr.ac.uk cain at icr.ac.uk
Fri Mar 3 05:19:28 EST 1995

Is there anyone out there who wants to discuss automated sequencing ?

Problems etc

If not, then why not ?


If there is anyone out there that missed my last posting on this matter I will 
repeat it , with appologies to those that are seeing this for the second time .

I have recently started a newsgroup with the topic of automated-dna-sequencing , 
it has been running for 3 weeks and has about 150 members worldwide representing 
both research and commercial backgrounds . The aim of the group is to discuss 
problems , applications of the technology to share hints and tips that are of 
benefit to the rapidly expanding community of auotsequencing .If you would like 
further details or to join please email me at :

cain at icr.ac.uk 

I look forward to joining those who are intrested ,

David Cain

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