Cold Spring Harbor experience

B.C. k12gncrb at
Tue Mar 14 23:29:36 EST 1995

I am in high school and yesturday my Bio AP class was lucky enough to goto
the COLD SPRING HARBOR BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES and conduct an experiment there.
We conducted an experiment much like the one Griffith did bacl about half a
 century aga and we caused E-Coli to accept a plasmid coded with a gene for
Ampacillin resistance. It was great. It was much like his experiments where he
injected bacteria in to live micee, noticing that the s 9smooth) strain killed
them and the R (rough) strain did not. Eventually he discoverd that Dead S and
live R would cause the mouse to die. Form this he was able to hypothesize that
some material was being transformed -later Wastson and Crick found it to be

  DNA. Thus e the first transformat s were noticed and since then they have
aded in Diabetes research and Tumor thepy.

  (SORRY for my spelling but I do not have the funcition of c delete on my

that is all there is!

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