B.C. k12gncrb at
Wed Mar 15 23:44:46 EST 1995

I am a high school student and have a genetic disorder called
Epidermolysis Balosa Simplex
I am very interested in Genetics and plan to major in it and was e
wondering if anyone would have any specific information on this disorder.
I would like to the the (sorry about that)- I would like to know that facts
about it like if it is sex-linked or deals with complementarity and epistasis
or what. If it is gene-linked with any others and information like that.
Thanks a lok
Dealing with the phenotype- I look normal but if my skin expreiences alot of
friction or/and heat I develope a large amount of blisters that do not calous
and must be lanced. (Most appear on my feet in the summer but some also on my
hands from writing when it is humid ou)
What would the genyotype be and when (sorry0_ what would my parents genyotyps
need to be for me to have this.
I know that it is very rare.
Thanks for all your help

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