Oligonucleotide synthesizer

Peter Myler mylerpj at u.washington.edu
Tue May 16 11:26:36 EST 1995

Hi folks:

I hope that the following does not seem like a commercial message.  We 
are a non-profit Biomedical Research Institution and we have an oligo 
sysnthesizer which we no longer use and would like to sell. The 
description follows.

ABI Synthesizer, PCP-Mate EP,  Model #391.  Menu driven software. 
Purchased in 1990.  Machine used for 2 months and then put into storage, 
in "like new" condition.  Machine synthesizes oligonucleotides one base 
at a time, excess reagents removed by filtration, high coupling 
efficiencies.  $2,200.  

If interested please contact:

Peter J. Myler                                 phone: (206) 284-8846x332
Seattle Biomedical Research Institute          FAX: (206) 284-0313
4 Nickerson Street                             e-mail: MYLERPJ at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Seattle, WA  98109-1651

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