automated sequencing

Robyn Wallace rwallace at mad.adelaide.edu.au
Wed May 24 19:07:19 EST 1995

>hello there,
>my question will be a technical one.
>we are planning to buy an automatic sequencer and we are trying tree differents
>machines : Pharmacia, Amersham and ABI.
>we want to know, you people who have sequenced with one or some of these 
>technologies, what is your opinion and your comments about them.
>thank you 
>Hassan at hbadrane at pasteur.fr

I have only used the ABI sequencer, and have found it to be both accurate
and reliable.  A wide selection of reagents and software are also available
through ABI.  I believe they also have a program called Genescan (or
something like that) which can be used for analysis of markers segregating
in a pedigree.


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