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On 16 May 1995, Wow24 wrote:

> Could anyone send me any kind of information regarding this genetic
> disorder? I can only find very vague definitions of it, but no
> manifestations or symptoms to look for. Please help!!!! Please!
mosaicism is the presence of more than one cell line in an individual.
so the manifestations depend on the tissues and cell lines involved. 
for example if a woman was a gonadal mosaic for trisomy 21,some of her 
eggs would have one 21 and some have two 21's, consequently some of her 
children would be afflicted some not.

 It also possible to exhibit mosaicism in somatic cells. mosaicism for turners
 syndrome is an obvious example, in individuals with a high percentage of 45X0
 cells there would be a more severe case of sexual infantalism than in a woman
 with a low percentage of X0 cells

hope this helps!

Calum Sinclair Dept of Genetics UCL

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