Abstracts for human chr9 SCW available electronically

Mr J. Attwood jattwood at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri May 26 08:10:31 EST 1995

The abstracts from the 1995 SCW for human chromsomome 9 are now
available electronically. If you have a World Wide Web (WWW) browser
such as Mosaic or Netscape the abstracts and figures can be viewed via
the Chromosome 9 Home Page (which can be accessed using the URL
http://diamond.gene.ucl.ac.uk/chr9home.html), or a plain-text version
can be downloaded by anonymous ftp from ftp.gene.ucl.ac.uk
( as the file abstracts.txt in the directory

The workshop report will be also available electronically as soon as it
has been finalised.

Please let me know directly (john at mrc-hbgu.ucl.ac.uk) if you have
trouble accessing the ftp or WWW servers, or difficulty downloading or
reading the abstracts. 

I would be interested to hear any feedback on how well your WWW browser
coped with the abstracts and figures. Comments, good or bad, are most

John Attwood,
MRC Human Biochemical Genetics Unit
john at mrc-hbgu.ucl.ac.uk

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