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>>>- Are there lab-manuals with FISH protocols available?
>>> - Do you know good books about this technique?
>>>- Who organizes workshops and courses where he could learn this 
>>> - Have any reviews dealing with this topic been published recently?
>>>- Which are the landmark papers in this field?
>>> - Can you recommend suppliers of reagents/equipment?
>>>- etc.................
>>Have him contact the company Oncor.
>>They sell probes, kits, etc for FISH, and can give you all the
>>protocols.  Don't happen to have their phone number handy, but I'm sure
>>you could look it up.  
Please mark a web page at "http://www.rt66.com/ingen".  Rapid and simple 
FISH kits will be released in coming December or January.

In Kim, Ph.D.
Ingen Laboratories, Inc.

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