Q: Do crossovers occur between *any* two chromatids?

See-Kiong Ng skng+ at GS152.SP.CS.CMU.EDU
Thu Nov 2 10:05:22 EST 1995


I have been looking at pictures in Biology textbooks depicting
crossing-over during meiosis.  Invariably, the recombination 
event(s) is shown to occur *only* between a particular pair of
the four chromatids, leaving the other pair of chromatids in the
tetrad unchanged.

Is this just an artifact of the limitation of pictorial illustration
in Biology textbooks, or is it really the case that all crossing-over events 
during meiosis occur only between a particular pair of chromatids, so 
that an offspring has about 1/4 chance of inheriting original chromosome 
pairs from the parents (or 3/4 chance of inheriting at least one
original/unrecombined chromosome from one of the parents)?


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