Meaning of "AFM" in STS names

Jasper Saris jasper%ruly46.leidenuniv.nl
Fri Nov 3 05:18:27 EST 1995

:Alberto Catalano 
:(alcat at cyberspace.org) wrote: : Dear bionetters,

: Does nayone know the meaning and/or origin of the AFM nomenclature for STS 
: sequences?
: Thanks

Dear Alberto,

The AFM nomenclature designates the polymorphic CAn-microsatellite repeat 
containing STS's generated by Genethon (France). The project was 
initiated at CEPH and supported by the "Association Francaise contre 
les Myopathies", hence AFM.

ref. f.i. Nature Genetics vol. 7 special issue june '94


Jasper Saris,
dept Human Genetics
Leiden University

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