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> Hallo!
> Have anyone heard of relations betw. music & DNA?
> please post me
> Fabrizio

Susumo Ohno has done some work on representing DNA/protein sequences as
musical notes - as a start see for example:

Author:        Ohno-S.
Title:         A song in praise of peptide palindromes.
Source:        Leukemia.  1993 Aug.  7 Suppl 2.  P S157-9.
Journal Title: LEUKEMIA.
Abstract:      Peptide palindromes are invariably found in all proteins,  
               long palindromes exceeding 10 residues in length are not  
               They are particularly abundant in DNA-binding proteins
               such as H1 histone. When a complementary strand of the  
               sequence is translatable being free of a chain terminator,  
               complementary protein encode by it becomes equally abundant  
               peptide palindromes. The simultaneous musical  
transformation of
               both strands of mouse H1 histone variety-1 DNA enable us
               to appreciate the symmetrical beauty of successive  
               appearing in both H1 histone and its complementary protein.

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