Chromosomes ?

Dave Hansen hansen at
Wed Sep 6 22:18:24 EST 1995

In response to the question regarding chromosome count for some animals:

You are speaking of chromosome pairs.  Humans have 23 pairs or 46.  By 
the same logic, flies (Drosophila melanogaster, for example) have 8, evening 
bats have 46, the same as humans, rinosceri have 84.  
Other chromosome pair numbers are:

Silk Moth	56
Sea urchin	42
Toad		36
Salamander	38
Chicken		78
Mouse		40
Cow		120

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Christopher Swarray (chris.s at wrote:
: I need to know how many chromosomes each there are in 5 different animals
: e.g. 46 means your human and 28 i think, means your a chicken :-)

: I need to find out by Monday 14th if possible.

: Thanks in Advance

: Chris:-)

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