[Q] fidning a mutation site on a BAC clone

Hong- Gil Nam hgn at WWW.BRIC.POSTECH.AC.KR
Mon Dec 2 21:42:23 EST 1996

Dear Netters:

I am trying to clone a gene for gi gene in Arabidopsis.  We have
isolated a BAC clone (150kb) that are very likely to encompass the
We would like to find the mutation site in the BAC clone.  The BAC clone
is form wild type and we have three independent alleles of mutants.

I would appreciate if someone give an inforamtion on how to find a
mutation site on a BAC clone in our situation?

Hong Gil

Hong Gil Nam
Department of Life Science
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Hyoja Dong, Pohang
Kyungbuk, 79-784
South Korea
e-mail:hgn at bric.postech.ac.kr

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