Functional Genomics:From Genes To Drugs

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Functional Genomics:From Genes To Drugs
April 17-18 , 1997
Washington Court Hotel, Washington DC, USA

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AS the quest to divine the full sequence of the human genome rapidly
approaches fruition, 
so too does a new era in human biology and the understanding of gene
function. Scientists 
are already celebrating the completion of the yeast genome project and
the sequence of several 
important micro-organisms. These discoveries are providing myriad new
opportunities for 
analyzing gene function and evolution, and provide a tantalizing
glimpse of the opportunities 
that will exist in the future of human genetic research. In addition
to providing a boon in 
understanding gene function, these discoveries will have profound
implications for the fields 
of genetic diagnostics and therapeutics. Indeed, gene-based
discoveries are already providing 
an entirely new approach to pharmaceutical drug development, and large
corporations and independent genomics companies are racing to harness
the fruits of the genome 
project into the development of novel therapeutic products. 

Functional Genomics: From genes to drugs - the fifth international
Nature Genetics conference - represents 
a timely opportunity to analyse the cutting edge of human genomic
research and its implications 
for understanding gene function and initiating drug discovery.
Subjects covered will include the 
current state of the genome project in humans and model organisms;
methods of analyzing raw DNA 
sequence information; new experimental approaches to dissect gene
function; the impact of new 
technologies on genetic diagnostics; and strategies for the
application of new gene discoveries to 
target disease. Functional Genomics: From genes to drugs features many
of the leaders in the field 
from both academia and industrial settings. The conference will
include presentations on late-breaking 
discoveries and there will be ample time for discussion and
interaction with the speakers. The meeting 
will be of interest to a broad audience of geneticists, molecular
biologists, pharmaceutical researchers, 
venture capitalists and more.  By reserving your place now, you can
take advantage of generous discounted 
registration rates. 

Nature Genetics looks forward to welcoming you to Washington D.C. 
and participating in one of the most exciting conferences of 1997. 

Thursday, April 17

I:From Sequence...
	Chair: Peter Goodfellow SmithKline Beecham 
		Genomics and the evolution of genes 
		Genome II - The revolution continues 
		Microbial genome sequencing:new insights on physiology and evolution 
	ANDRE GOFFEAU Catholic U, Louvain 
		From the yeast genome to human biology 
		Closing the gap between sequence and function 
II ...To Function
	Chair: Francis Collins NCHGR, NIH 
		Uses of the nematode C. elegans for studies of functional genomics 
	GERRY RUBIN UC, Berkeley 
		Placing genes in pathways using Drosophila genetics 
		Forward genetics: systematic mutagenesis screens in zebrafish 
	ALLAN BRADLEY Baylor College of Med 
		Chromosome engineering in mice 

Friday, April 18

III:From Genes..
	Chair: TBA 
	BARBARA WEBER U Pennsylvania 
		Functional analysis of human breast cancer genes 
	STEVEN FODOR Affymetrix 
		Genes, chips and the Human Genome 
	BOB TEPPER Millennium Pharmaceuticals 
		Analysis of gene expression in complex disease models 
	+ Late-breaking research 

IV ...To Drugs! 
	Chair: Alan Williamson Merck 
	DAVID BEACH Cold Spring Harbor 
		Genetics in animal cells 
	PETER GOODFELLOW SmithKline Beecham 
		Integrating gene discovery and functional genetics 
	BILL HASELTINE Human Genome Sciences 
		Medical genomics: from genes to medical products 
	JURGEN DREWS Hoffmann-La Roche 
		The impact of genomics on pharmaceutical research 

 Functional Genomics:From Genes To Drugs
17-18 April, 1997
Washington Court Hotel, Washington DC, USA

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Functional Genomics: From Genes to Drugs conference rates

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before March 16th, 1997 will be subject to a service charge of $100.
 No refunds will be made after that date. Registrants who are unable 
to attend may, if they choose, send a substitute. 

The Washington Court (on Capitol Hill) 
525 New Jersey Avenue, N.W. 
Washington DC 20001 

Phone: (202) 628-2100 or 800-321-3010 

Fax: (202) 737-2641 

The Washington Court Hotel is located on New Jersey Avenue, N.W., 
just two blocks from the Senate and House of Representatives office 
buildings as well as the U.S. Capitol. Union Station, which includes
both  Amtrak and Metro access, is just three blocks away. Washington 
National Airport is a 15 minute ride by cab or Metro, and Washington's

galleries, museums, dining and nightlife are readily accessible. 

Accommodations are limited, and are assigned in the order in which the

hotel receives your request and lodging deposit. You must identify 
yourself as an attendee to the Nature Genetics Functional Genomics 
conference to receive the rates indicated below. Full payment for your

confirmed accommodations is due and payable to the hotel upon arrival.


Lodging rates:$153.00/night (single/double) 
Rate does not include state, local and occupancy taxes 


Unscheduled Late Arrivals at the Hotel: The Hotel will hold reserved 
units for late arrivals until no later than 8 am on the first full day

of the conference. 

PLEASE NOTE: Early, registration is scheduled for April 16, 1997, 5 pm

to 8 pm. Please note that there are no sessions scheduled for
April 19, 1997.

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