Question on X chromosome

Ron Apland apland at mala.bc.ca
Wed Dec 4 19:37:38 EST 1996

>>This is a question that no one at York university seems able to
>>The question is as follows:-
>>In females one X chromosome stays active and codes for proteins where
>>as the other chromosome is (supposedly) inactive and forms the dense
>>bar body which can be visibly seen under an optical microscope.
>>Are the inactive X,s truelly inactive?
> AFAIK, only some sections of the X chromosome are inactivated. This means
> that some genes on the X escape inactivation. I think it's also possible
> for mutations to occur that affect the inactivation of particular genes.
>>Or something entirely different.

How would you account for sex-linked traits unless regions of both X
chromosomes were active?


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