A.L.F Upgrade (optical/chemical/software)

Lecocq s771061 at segi.ulg.ac.be
Mon Dec 9 11:41:51 EST 1996

To A.L.F. User's (but not only...)
We are currently working on both chemistry and optical (detection) systems
of A.L.F. (Pharmacia Biotech) apparatus in order to improve their
sequencing capacities (multidiode detection system with full gel imaging;
increase of sample to 18; increase of length readability up to 1000 bases
as standard,...)We will be very happy if ALF (not ALF Express for rigth
now) users could tell us if they would be interested ? (think : would you
upgrade your system (without any change to the original beam source : argon
laser) and for what price ?). Also upgrade would include a new software
tools based on win95 operating system.

Also did anybody know about "in house" synthesis of dye labelled
dideoxynucleotides ?

Pierre Lecocq
DNA Seq. Unit / Network Resp
Lab. Prof. J.A Martial Univ. of Liège Belgium
bât. B6 CHIMIE Allée du 6 août
Phone 32 4 3663310 Fax 32 4 3662968

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